Photo Tour

Here you can see how Jack lets the dogs out of the kennels and escorts them to on of the six yards.  the dogs get very excited when they know they are going outside!

If you have given us permission to find them a playmate then they will go out together and actually get to know who their playmates are and wait for each other to go outside.  They act like a bunch of kids going out for recess!

Kennel Photo Tour

When it’s time to come in they come in easily.  They have had time to run around and burn off energy which means that they are glad to come in and lie down and have a snooze until the next time they get to go out and play.  We find that with this method of exercising four times daily that there is a lot less stress to the dogs and they get to go home happy.  Also, dogs have good memories which means that if they board with us more than once they recognize the kennel and are usually very excited to get in the kennel knowing they will have the freedom to run in the yards and have other dogs to play with.