During our many years of business, our customers have been kind enough to send us ‘Thank You’ notes for the care we have given their loved ones.  We thought that reading some of these may help you understand how much we really care about the families and their pets when they come to board with us. 

“… I just wanted to say thank you for the sympathy card and your kind words.  Your actions and concerns in reference to Buster are appreciated beyond words… he was an integral part of our family and his loss was traumatic… I thank you for your understanding in this matter and above all making the effort to help me. You will be spoken of in the highest manner and your kennel will always get my utmost advertising.  It’s reassuring to know that there are still good, honest and above all, sincere people in the world.”

– Ron Adams

“Dear Jack, you probably realize by now, Glen will not be boarding at your kennels again.  After several days at the animal hospital we decided that the best thing for him was to have him euthanized.  We had him for 13 years and miss him very much, he was a great pet.  However, this note is not to dwell on the loss but rather to tell you how much we appreciate your care for him, from the days when he was a boisterous puppy… thank you for your friendship, outstanding care and attention.  Your kennel is well named.”

– The Blore Family

“We travel frequently and for extended periods of time (as much as 3 months).  We need a good kennel to care for our nervous dog, ‘PC’.  She requires some special handling.  During our initial search for a boarding kennel 8 years ago, we were unsuccessful finding one that we felt comfortable enough to trust.  A family friend recommended Peever’s Kennels.  It really just took one visit to know we could trust Peever’s Kennels to care for PC.  We appreciate the clean kennels, the large fenced-in runs and the friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Most importantly, PC always behaves in a positive and friendly way to her boarding visits.  In fact, every time PC sees a suitcase loaded into the car she reacts with anticipation and excitement… this makes our time away relaxed and worry free.  We know she’s in good hands.”

– Andree and Greg Csullog