Services & Requirements

All dogs regular vaccinations must be up to date plus their kennel cough vaccine before boarding.

We keep vaccination records here to help us inform you if your vaccinations need to be redone before your next boarding visits.

New customers must bring or email proof of their dog’s vaccinations the first time boarding.  From then on you only need to bring those records when your dog’s vaccinations are redone.

Various brands of bagged dog food

We use a good quality dog food for both adult dogs and puppies.  If your dog is on any type of special food due to allergies, weight control or any other reason we recommend that you bring their food along so they can continue with their proper diet.  At the end of the day, just before bed time we always give each dog a biscuit so if your dog has any allergies to this type of treat it is important to let us know so we don’t feed them something they shouldn’t have.

Any dogs on food that needs to be refrigerated or kept frozen will be no problem.  We have the equipment to accommodate these diets

Any pet needing specialty care or prescribed medicines will receive them according to you or your veterinarian’s instructions.  Also, pets with any type of handicap will receive the proper care they need during their stay here.  If your pet is a diabetic and needs insulin needles it will be no problem for us to insure they will receive them on time.

Various doggy medication

Exclusive to Peever’s Kennels

We have developed and copyrighted a ‘Living Will and Medical Permission’ form.  This is a permission form that each customer is required to fill out (at no cost).  If we need to speak to your veterinarian while you’re away this form allows us access to anything we may need to know about your dog’s medical history.  Please feel free to call us regarding this form so we can explain what type of information is needed and how to make sure your veterinarian is aware of this permission form.

Your dog’s health during it’s visit here is extremely important to us and
having good contact with your personal veterinarian makes this possible.