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Peevers TLC Boarding Kennels - Five star accommodations for your family pet.  

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We've been told by many owners that their dogs get really excited when they know they are getting close to the kennel.  They will actually pull their owners into the kennel.  The dogs that are regular customers know that when they get here they will get to play with other dogs and have lots of room to run around and exercise.


Here is a look at the inside of our kennel.  We have 42 permanent kennels and 10 knock down kennels.  Each kennel is 3' x 6' x 4' high.  The entire kennel is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.  When the weather is perfect we prefer to keep the windows open for as much fresh air as possible.  We do not have solid walls between the dogs as our experience has shown us that there is a lot less stress to the dogs when they can see each other.  Dogs are pack animals and need to communicate with each other or else they can feel isolated which can bring on stress.

Each kennel comes with a heavy duty rubber mat for laying on but you're welcome to bring any extra bedding you would like your pet to have.  If your dog has favorite toys or likes chewy treats please feel free to send them along and we will be sure they are placed in their kennel with them.



Our premises are immaculate; we clean our building, kennels and
yards several times daily to maintain a high standard of hygiene.




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